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Dr. Ted Fleming is adjunct Associate Professor of Adult Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York. Previously he has been a senior academic and Head of Department at Maynooth University Ireland and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences. He is Academic Advisor to the Citizens' University of Larissa in Greece.

Member of the Editorial Board: Journal of Transformative Education and  ABAC Journal (Thailand)

Awarded a B.Sc. (NUIM) and a B.D. before undertaking graduate studies (M.A & Ed.D.) at Teachers College, Columbia University with Jack Mezirow as academic advisor. He also studied with Paulo Freire in Boston.

Received the 'Jack Mezirow Living Theory of Transformative Learning Award' (2014) for his 'original contribution to the development of the theory of learning' - writing on the critical theory of Axel Honneth. Link to paper.  In 2016 he delivered the inaugural Mezirow Memorial Lecture at Columbia University. Link to paper



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Fleming, T. (2018). Education as a Public Good. Paper presented at the  Irish Adult Education Officers Association Annual Conference Portlaoise, November 29. Paper_at_AEOA_Conf_2018.pdfLarisssa_Oct_2018

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Fleming, T. (2018). The Learning City: Questions from Citizens about Learning, Teaching and Education in a Democracy.
Paper presented at Larissa Conference at the Citizens University of Larissa, Greece, (June 2018). Link to speaking notes

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Sample Chapter 1

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Conference: Tacoma, WA: Pacific Lutheran University. Link to papers

Fleming, T. (October, 2016). There is no democracy without education: Transforming cities through learning and adult education. Keynote paper at the 2nd Larissa Learning City International Conference - Seeking Common Actions in a Period of Crisis, Larissa, Greece, October 14-15. Link to Larissa site on Facebook

Fleming, T. (October, 2016). Recognition and Community Education. Presentation to the AONTAS Community Education Network, Dublin.

Fleming, T. (September 2016). Freire, critical theory and Ireland. Paper delivered in response to Antonia Darder, keynote 'Paulo Freire and the politics of literacy: The struggle for a revolutionary praxis of adult education' at the 8th Triennial European Society for Research in the Education of Adults Conference (ESREA) at Maynooth University (September 2016). Link to paper

Fleming, T. (October, 2016). Recognition of Learning - Learning to Recognise. Speech at Awarding of Special Purpose Certificates and Diplomas by Carlow Institute of Technology and An Cosán Virtual Learning Community College.

Fleming, T. (2016). Poverty and adult education. Paper read at United Nations International Day against Poverty Conference at An Cosán, Tallaght, Dublin (September 2016)
Link to paper

Fleming, T. (June 2016). Paulo Freire and Jack Mezirow: Adult education theories in dialogue. Panel paper at the ESREA 2nd International Transformative Learning Conference
The Role, Nature and Difficulties of Dialogue in Transformative Learning, Athens.

Fleming, T. (2016). Rethinking the critical theory influences on transformative learning: In dialogue with Honneth. Paper presented at the ESREA 2nd International Transformative Learning Conference: The Role, Nature and Difficulties of Dialogue in Transfor
mative Learning, Athens. , Link to paper

Fleming, T. (June 6, 2016). Toward a living Theory of Transformative Learning: Going beyond Mezirow and Habermas to Honneth. This is the text of the 1st Mezirow Memorial Lecture at Columbia University Teachers College sponsored by AEGIS IXX, the Department of Organization and Leadership and the Office of Alumni Relations at Teachers College.  You Tube version. Link to paper

Fleming, T. (2016). The labour market and further education: An ally? Paper at Conference of The Further Education and Training Forum at the National College of Ireland. Link to paper

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(2013). Adult Education for the Addiction Professional. Invited Keynote address at STRADA and Scottish Government Conference: The Road to Recovery: Five Years On, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

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